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This is the base game only, plus all Kickstarter stretch goals for the base game; when the Expanded Edition is released, the base game will still be required. USA copies can be signed by the designer if requested.

Chaosmos uses an open-world exploration system called “area-caching.” There is no draw deck; all the cards are distributed amongst the players’ hands and planet envelopes. The Chaos Clock counts down clockwise from 48 (or 36), and each player’s turn brings the Chaos Clock one step closer to zero.

  • Players have a 3 action turn which they use to move around stars and planets
  • Each planet has a corresponding envelope that contains the equipment cards that are on that planet
  • Players land on planets to exchange cards and battle other players for control
  • Players manage their hand and the caches of cards on planets
  • Players attempt to obtain the Ovoid card and hold it or hide it on a planet to recover later
  • Weapon cards have corresponding counters that reflect damage, so players must adapt to their opponents’ strategies


Promo Video:


The Opening Turns: 


Original Prototype Gameplay Video:

No, we are not acting. We just really love this game.

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