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Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them

Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them

Monsters-themed microgames. Each set is unique but uses the same basic game... 

Stranger Things ©/™ Netflix, under license to Repos Prod. USA Retailer: Walmart.com

At the start of Stranger Things: Attack of the Mind Flayer, each player takes a character tile representing someone from the Stranger Things Netflix series.

You will also receive a card that tells you whether you are Sane, or Possessed by the Mind Flayer.

Each game plays out over a series of turns and pits two teams against each other: Sane versus Possessed ("flayed"). As a Sane character, you must resist the Mind Flayer's attacks to win the game. As a Possessed character, you try to convert all Sane characters to Possessed or knock them out before the end of the game. On your turn, draw a card and give it to another player to help them, remove them, or make them change teams. At the end of the game, if at least one Sane character is still in play, all Sane players win the game. Otherwise, the Possessed players win!

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