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Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them: The Dark

Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them: The Dark

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The first set of Monsters in a mini tuckbox.

"It feels like a Love Letter version of Fantasy Realms! A great simple, quick, card game that provides a lot of fun." -Landon Squire, How Lou Sees It

Monsters is as portable and easy-to-learn as Love Letter and Coup. It features bluffing and strategic planning. Players with creativity and deductive reasoning will love it. There's multiple unique sets/cycles of the game, so once you know the rules for one set, you know the rules for all the sets. The game plays best with 2 or 3 players, but supports up to 4 players.

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  •  Each Monster grants between 1 and 12 points at the end of the game, but watch out: most Tactical cards ("things") cancel 2 specific Monsters!
  •  Your turn: Take a card into your hand from the pool of 4; if it's a monster, it wakes up, triggering its ability.
  •  If you are over your hand limit of 3, discard face-down to your personal discard pile. (Peek at your discards at any time.) 
  •  When the deck is empty: Everyone discards down to 2 cards and compares their scores to determine the winner. 

 Read the complete rules. 

"What is the last thing you would expect me to discard....?"
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