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Monsters: Baby Koalas + Love & Hate metagame multiplayer modes

Monsters: Baby Koalas + Love & Hate metagame multiplayer modes

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Mini-expansion for the first two sets of Monsters and the Things That Destroy Them expands the game up to 6 players by adding four "size-zero" monsters (baby koalas) that grant a powerful ability... but it is unlikely you would save these for final resolution. Also included is a size-13 monster, Invaders from Mars, and a new Tactical card called Duplicator. (In 4-player games, the expansion is optional, but allows players to get 1 extra turn each.)

• Baby Koalas: 12 cards (6 with backs for The Dark; 6 with backs for The Deep).

• Love & Hate: 24 card "metagame." You are not on a team. Each player has a secret love and a secret enemy. At the end of the game, add your love’s score to yours, and subtract your enemy’s. [Also comes with Team Mode and other variants.]

You must make a note with the order if you need card sleeves with the order (only available for customers who already ordered sleeves). Card sleeve packs for the game came with 6-8 extras, so only 6 more will be sent with this shipment.


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